How AI Can Transform Your Marketing Team’s Writing Process

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  • 21 Jun, 2024


Welcome back, fellow marketers, to the second installment of our blog series on harnessing the power of AI in marketing. In this edition, we’re diving deep into the realm of writing and exploring how AI can revolutionize the way your marketing team creates content.

As the Director of Marketing at Xeno Media, I’ve seen firsthand how integrating AI into our writing process has been a powerful tool for efficiency. From content generation to proofreading and personalized communications, AI tools have streamlined our workflow and boosted our productivity.


A Couple of My Favorite AI Capabilities & Benefits for Written Content

Solving the Dreaded “Blank Page”

AI 2

Anyone who has to write any kind of content knows the ominous nature of the dreaded blank page. It stares at you and the first line takes 10 times longer to write than the rest of the whole piece. AI solves this problem fairly effectively by offering a draft for what you are working on. This very blog was started by AI. But this section wasn’t included in it. AI isn’t going to write the whole thing for you, or at least you shouldn’t let it. But it’s going to provide you with a framework, which can be a huge relief.

Outline for Proposals and Reports

There are so many different kinds of marketing proposals and reports. There are Return on Ad Spend Reports, Monthly Reports, Customer Insight Reports, Market Research Reports, and unique proposals for each new client request. For your team, the requests for info might be coming from the C-suite, but the daunting task of creating new reports is the same. AI software can provide a valuable outline for your reports and proposals in just seconds. Sure you still have a lot of work to do from there, but you’re not reinventing the wheel every time. 


What Else Does AI Have to Offer for Written Content?               


Have you ever had that horrible, soul-sucking marketer’s moment when you realize you’ve sent out an email blast, a postcard, a social media post, with a TYPO? If you’re on the creative side of marketing, the small details can be hard to focus on when you’re creating big-picture marketing campaigns. Even though you check your work, you’re too deep in it to see some of the mistakes, right? But with AI-powered tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid, you can ensure your content is error-free and consistent without breaking a sweat. These tools catch grammatical errors, suggest stylistic improvements, and even help maintain the right tone.

Personalized Emails and Messages

Personalization is key in our communication strategy. AI tools can help you craft personalized email and message templates that save time and enhance engagement. We’ve found that using AI for automated email generation has freed up valuable time for our team, allowing us to focus on more strategic initiatives. Plus, the personalized touch has significantly improved our client interactions. 


Let’s Get Into Specific AI Tools for Your Marketing Team

OpenAI's ChatGPT

This versatile language model generates human-like text, making it perfect for creating blog posts, articles, and even social media content. It’s incredibly intuitive and can adapt to different writing styles and tones, making it a must-have in your toolkit.

AI 4

Grammarly is our go-to for ensuring our content is polished and professional. It offers real-time grammar, style, and tone suggestions, which is invaluable for maintaining a consistent brand voice across all our communications.

AI 5


This tool offers a comprehensive writing analysis, providing detailed reports on readability, overused words, and sentence structure. It’s helped our team refine our writing and improve the overall quality of our content.

AI 6


Wordtune helps us enhance the clarity and engagement of our writing. It suggests rephrasing options that make our sentences more concise and impactful. It’s perfect for when you want to make sure your message hits home.

AI 7


Writesonic is fantastic for quickly generating content for blogs, ads, and social media posts. It helps us create engaging and relevant content that resonates with our audience, saving us tons of time in the process.

AI 8

For marketing and copywriting, is a powerhouse. It helps create compelling copy for ads, social media, and email campaigns, enhancing our marketing efforts significantly.

AI 9

Bringing It All Together

Integrating AI into your writing process isn’t just about saving time—it’s about elevating the quality of your content and making your team more efficient. These tools have transformed how we work, allowing us to focus on what we do best: crafting creative and impactful marketing strategies.

So, if you haven’t already, give these AI tools a try. Your team will thank you, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Happy writing!



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Andrea Munday: Partner, Director of Digital Marketing

Andrea cut her teeth as an in-house marketer for companies from senior living to construction materials. Now, she conceives, drives and directs sophisticated multi-channel campaigns for clients from wholesale food to dental supplies. She loves to help our clients craft compelling messages, get the word out and, you know, actually sell stuff. She loves to talk marketing, so reach out if you’d like to chat.

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