Dark Matter Day Elevated Through Rebranding

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  • 06 Dec, 2023

DMD Logo Dark Background-v2.jpg

Interactions is a global collaboration of top communicators at particle physics labs around the world. 

Since 2017, Dark Matter Day has been a collaboration-wide project with labs, universities, and other physics groups hosting and managing live and virtual events. Celebrated on or around October 31st each year, Dark Matter Day was initially given a slightly eerie vibe. Now that we’re six years into this successful annual endeavor, it was time to review the brand, graphics, and messaging in order to keep things fresh and moving forward.


Here’s what we did:


Surveying the Collaboration

A survey was distributed to key stakeholders around the world to better help us understand how Dark Matter Day works for them. From this effort, we learned that there was a strong desire to move away from “Scary” and more toward “Mysterious.” Most participants were eager to have some updates to the logo and tagline.


New Theme and Tagline 

After seeing the results of the survey, we wanted to lean further into the global obsession with mysteries, as Dark Matter could be called the largest unsolved mystery of our time. 

We researched what a blend of mysteries podcasts and tv shows, but also what was popular in displaying space related content. This led to us updating the logo to incorporate a bold nebula and a magnifying glass within it. For the tagline, we wanted to call out people’s love of mystery. This new feel is both more inviting and may pique the interest of people who might not have already known about the occasion.


Dark Matter Day Concepting


Created Branded Kits & Info Kits

Kits were created by our marketing team for any participating labs and institutions that are planning their own Dark Matter Day events. This will help keep the marketing consistent across the board. In addition to branded marketing kits, information kits including social media posts were created to let them know what exactly Dark Matter Day is all about and how to get involved.


DMD Assets


As you can see from our work with Dark Matter Day, a little bit of updating when the time comes can make a big impact on how communications are received. Communication is just one of the services that Xeno Media offers to clients. We’re excited for continued success with our clients throughout the rest of 2023.


DMD Shirts & Posters


new DMD logo


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