Brewhouse Legends Craft Beer Christmas

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  • 04 Mar, 2020


It’s been a busy winter here at Xeno Media, and we’re hoping this post about our work on a Christmas video is still considered fashionably late. Please consider we are based out of Chicago, where winter lingers for way too long, like a friend who doesn’t get the idea that you're ready to end the party at 10 and stays until midnight. Go home, Jeff. We’re in our mid-thirties and forties now and sleep is the closest thing we have to a best friend. 

So Christmas still seems like just yesterday, and we’re excited to share this project with you. 

Xeno Media had the pleasure of working with Mount Franklin Foods, a national food manufacturer that produces unique and flavorful snacks and candies. This Christmas we brought them a quirky, fun, a little bit out-there video concept, and they were all in.


The Concept: Brewhouse Legends Craft Beer Christmas

Xeno partnered with Hopsmash, a craft-beer-review website and social media profile that is as hilarious as it is informational, to appear in a Christmas video where they would blind sample 21 craft beers and give an instant review…. the caveat being they had to drink the beer from “beer-balls”, or Christmas ornaments filled with beer, hanging on our Brewhouse Legends Christmas tree. We also enlisted local Chicago comedian, Paige Blurr, who served as a witty host.       

The Marketing Strategy

Besides this just being a fun project, here at Xeno we saw some real benefits this could have for the Brewhouse Legends brand. 

  • Craft beer lovers are one of Brewhouse Legends' target markets and would enjoy quick reviews of new beers. 
  • People like to engage with brands that make them laugh. The world is full of brands trying to sell you something. A connection on another level can go a long way in gaining loyal customers. 
  • The craft-beers chosen were all local to the Chicagoland area (and truly independent breweries). Brewhouse Legends Snack Nut Mixes had just launched in Jewel/Osco locations, which are heavily Illinois based. We chose local beers in hopes that they would also share the video, introducing Brewhouse Legends products to their audiences, based in the area the brand was looking to grow. 
  • Hopsmash would share the video, and clips of the video, on their popular social media pages. It was a win-win for both brands. 
  • Brewhouse Legends could feature how well their snacks pair with a nice beer. 
  • Apply specific targeting that served the video to craft-beer lovers. 


The Results

  • Within the first two days of posting The Brewhouse Legends Craft Beer Christmas, it garnered 17k views. 
  • The cost per thru play was $0.06 for paid boost. (The average is $0.35) 
  • The brand saw it’s highest jump of new page likes and engagement since the page’s inception. 
  • The video was directly shared from the Brewhouse Legends page 44 times. 


This project was not only a pleasure to work on, but also garnered the results we were hoping to deliver for our client. We’re grateful to Mount Franklin Foods for putting trust in our crazy idea. We’re also grateful to know interesting, hilarious, and talented people like Joel Frieders and Jason Thalman from Hopsmash, as well as comedian Paige Blurr. You can read more about the event at the Brewhouse Legends blog.

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