Xeno Media's Jim Birch presents at Open Camps at the United Nations

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  • 17 Jul, 2016


Open Camps is a collection of 25+ Mission-Driven Open Source Conferences & Events which boasts over 6000 Attendees, more than 400 Presentations, and multiple day Training sessions. The conference took place July 8 to 17, 2016 at the United Nations in New York.

Open Camps exists because of a collaboration between the United Nations Open Source Innovation Initiative (Unite Open Source) and the multitude of open source communities, including Drupal, Wordpress, Angular, React, Meteor, Rails and many more.

The United Nations Open Source Innovation Initiative (Unite Open Source) aims to break down barriers to technology innovation through open source governance, communities and collaboration.

Unite Open Source has expertise on building and nurturing communities around open source projects. Through the Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT), the Secretariat provides Unite Open Source with an existing neutral, multilateral framework that aims to use technology to improve the world.

Our Digital Strategist, Jim Birch, was selected to present at NYC camp, a Mission-Driven Drupal Conference. Jim spoke all the possible ways to use the open source Bootstrap Front End Framework with Drupal. Both open source projects are the foundation of the development we do here at Xeno Media.



Slides from Jim's presentation can be found at Bootstrap Framework and Drupal. This presentation reviews what makes up the Bootstrap framework; advantages and disadvantages of using Bootstrap, and all the possible ways to use Bootstrap with Drupal.


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