Published by Kevin
on January 16th, 2017

Science Olympiad is a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to improving K-12 science education, increasing diversity in the sciences and fostering a more science- and technology-literate workforce in the US. Science Olympiad sponsors tournaments and non-competitive events and provides curricula and training for teachers.

Science Olympiad experiment

Their website serves as the the communication center for their dispersed organization. Schedules, rules and other supporting information are available for all. Xeno Media developed a sophisticated custom knowledgebase for rule questions and proposed changes--with submissions sent off to content experts for review and submission.

Science Olympiad experiment

Their latest site harnesses the power of Drupal's latest release, Drupal 8 and provides a responsive interface for easy use on all contemporary devices.

"A responsive design is critical for Science Olympiad," said Xeno Media Principal Kevin Munday. "Teachers and students are using a wide variety of devices to access the site. Their experience must be seamless."

"Xeno Media has been Science Olympiad's web partner since 2008, responsible for envisioning and maintaining our online presence and brand," said Jenny Kopach, Executive Director of Science Olympiad. "This is our second Drupal site and third design with Xeno, and each generation has been more successful than the last, presenting our national non-profit's mission and content effectively. We couldn't be happier with the Xeno Media team!"

Science Olympiad
Why Drupal 8?