Published by Julian
on March 23rd, 2018

We at Xeno Media are proud to have received the Model Workplace Award for Smaller Businesses by The Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce at their Annual Meeting on March 20th, 2018. 

Our office culture focuses on work-life balance through two of the core company values: diversity and fairness. Staff work with principals and create a schedule of work that strikes a good balance between their personal and family life and the needs of our clients, colleagues, and partners. Staff are fairly compensated and represent a wide diversity of backgrounds and life experiences.

Men and women are evenly represented at all levels of the company org chart. In the male-dominated industry of web development, this is a point of pride for us.

On Fridays, we have a family style lunch around the conference table. During that weekly company lunch, we play some fast rounds of Texas Hold ‘em, tracking our stats for bragging rights. The conversation naturally flows from a kid's spelling bee, through national news, to Star Wars, and how dorky someone is for playing Dungeons and Dragons as a full grown adult (your jealousy is palpable). That can only happen with a positive office culture built on trust. I trust my coworkers not to tell anyone that I'm a huge D&D nerd. And they have been very discreet.

Having a positive work culture invests us in the work that we do.

We care about each other. This attitude flows into our relationships with clients. When we tell clients that we're open and communicative, that you call our office and you get a person, we're saying that from a position of authentic relationship-building.

Through this approach, Xeno Media attracts great talent and achieves a retention rate much higher than the industry average. We develop a deep institutional memory that benefits our many long-term clients. We respect and support the needs of the people here with families, be they moms or dads, and those without. Staff can raise kids, pursue their passions and interests, volunteer in local organizations, and advocate for important causes and issues.

We lean on each other and support each other. Those bonds are created by knowing that our colleagues care about our lives. We know when someone’s kid has strep and whose teen is stressing out over a dance recital. We laugh at the photoshop battles over a coworker’s epic snowsuit. We help out when it’s all-hands-on-deck because that's what we do.