The Butler Did It: Putting Jenkins To Work For You

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  • 23 Jul, 2017


Xeno Media Lead Developer Michael Porter was selected to present The Butler Did It: Putting Jenkins To Work For You at Drupal MidCamp on April 1 in Chicago.

Michael's presentation shows how use the power of Continuous Integration (CI) servers for offloading some of the repetitive tasks developers and software maintainers need to do on a daily basis. 

The session will demonstrate how to use Jenkins, the leading open source automation server to:

  • Run Drupal core and module updates
  • Run and report on behat tests
  • Run and report on Coding Standards
  • Trigger Offsite backup of production sites
  • Use Jenkins Pipeline workflows to build branch/feature based servers.
  • Triggering jobs with webhooks
  • Report progress, and results to Slack

MidCamp participation is part of Xeno Media's strategic dedication to Drupal and the Open Source community. We have been a MidCamp sponsor for two years and  Web Strategist Jim Birch is an active organizer.


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