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Website Maintenance Services that
keep your website at its best.

Website maintenance keeps the software that runs your website updated and patched. It also maintains backups of your website so that you can revert to an older version if something breaks or you lose data. It both extends the life of your website while acting as an insurance policy against problems.

At Xeno Media, we offer this and more in our website maintenance services. We maintain a backup copy of your website on a staging server, where we can test updates to ensure they're not going to break your website. We also bundle in monitoring services so that we're alerted immediately if your website goes down.


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Patches and Updates

Your website is actually a collection of multiple pieces of software on a server. As the developers of your software fix bugs, add new features, and patch security vulnerabilities, they release updates. We make sure that updates are tested and installed ont your website in a timely manner.

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If your website goes down, you may not realize it until the next time you visit it. As part of our website maintenance services, we use automated monitoring tools that notify us, (and you if you'd like), whenever performance dips or the site goes down. This lets us spring into action as soon as there is a problem, reducing the time that your website is out of action.

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Staging Site

We keep a copy of your website running on a web server that's not accessible to the public. This lets us test patches and updates away from the public eye. We push them to your live site only when we've made sure they're not going to conflict with the rest of your site.

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We maintain a complete backup of your site, away from the staging and live servers. This backup is kept updated with your current site and spun up onto a server according to a schedule. That way, we can be sure that the backup is working and available if your site is compromised and we need to restore it.

Our Process

Discover your Needs

We make our maintenance services fit your needs. To that end, we have a discussion with you about your capacity and how we can help. Some companies need to keep everything in-house so we take on a consulting and advisory role. Others rely on us to handle everything. We do whatever works best for you.

Automate and Validate

We build and test automation wherever we can to lessen the amount of time that needs to be spent on your maintenance. We add checkpoints into the workflow where our experienced developers review the results and make adjustments or approve it to go live. This gets you the efficiency and speed of automation while preserving quality control.

Backup and Monitor

We immediately create backups of your existing site, which are updated on a schedule. We make sure we always have a recent backup to restore to if your site is compromised. Our monitoring services alert us if your site goes down or experiences a technical issue.

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