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What is the difference between professional web design and web development?

As a full-service professional web design company, we both design and develop engaging, effective websites. These two aspects of building a website are often used interchangeably but they are different. Web design is the planning, wireframing and laying out of your website into mockups. This includes drafting user journeys, information architecture planning, graphic design and other creative work.

Think of it as creating a blueprint for your website. Web development is the coding, site-building, and technical implementation of that blueprint.

We bundle both aspects of building a website into our process. Working on both web design and web development, we can strategically create a powerful digital marketing platform for your company.

Great web design should tell your story.

We work with you to design a digital user experience that meets your brand needs. Your website is the digital face of your company. Whether you like it or not, your website tells your visitors a story about your company, 24 hours a day. An appealing digital user experience leaves your visitors with a positive impression of your company.

Through discovery meetings, we learn about your company and the goals you're looking to fulfill with your website. Our designers then create a selection of mockups and wireframes for you to consider. We draft visitor personas and user journeys to map out the digital experiences of your future customers.

As we present these to you, we take your feedback and iterate on the wireframes until we have a blueprint that you are satisfied with.

Your website tells visitors a story with a purpose. We make sure it's the right one.

professional web design

Optimized for search. Get found by your customers.

Our designs take advantage of search engine optimization best practices. We design layouts that engage your visitors and invite them to explore. Strategically guide visitors to your best-converting pages. 

Great web design is mobile-friendly

Since over 56% of Internet traffic has moved to mobile devices, it's no longer optional to have mobile-friendly designs. Your design has to be appealing on all screen sizes and devices. We create responsive web designs that will adapt to your visitor's screen sizes. We create web design wireframes and mockups for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Your website will deliver your story well, no matter how your visitors view it.

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