Custom Web Design

Your Full-Service Online Marketing Team

We love developing custom websites. We have decades of coding experience on our team and a project manager that will make sure your web project is a success.

We exist to help your business succeed in all of its online marketing efforts. That's why in addition to custom website design and development, we offer search engine optimization, website maintenance, and related services.

We are more than just a web design company. We are an extension of your marketing team.


Our Design Process:

You are assigned a team made up of a designer, a project manager, and a developer. Depending on your needs, your team might be a little different, but those are the key parts. 

Your team then works with you on the first phase of building your website: the design.



a web design discovery meeting with professionals comparing website wireframes
web design discovery


You tell us about yourself, your business goals for your website, your branding, and your voice. We keep that top of mind throughout the design process. We keep listening throughout the process, too!

Wireframe and layout


You get presented with wireframes and sketches of website layouts, all geared towards what you told us in discovery. After your input and approval, we get back to work.


Digital design

Your selected wireframes get further fleshed out into full-fledged mockups, with full color schemes, photography, icons and other visual design. These designs are presented for your approval for coding and development.




Custom web designs project a professional online presence

  • Custom websites can closely match the branding of your company and greatly support your marketing efforts.
  • Pages can be built to fit your needs, not made to work. 
  • Navigation and user experience can be matched to your target audience, crafting an experience specifically for your ideal customers.




a smart phone showing search engine results for analytics

Search Engine Optimized




Get found by your customers

Your website is built with important search engine optimizations in mind. Before we put in the first line of code, we plan out how to best make sure your website will do well in search results.

  • Your website will keep key content within 3 clicks of the homepage.
  • It'll have a smart internal linking structure so that users and search engines can get to everything easily.
  • It'll use title and header tags intelligently, to make your content useful to your visitors and to search engines.

When it comes to SEO, it pays to have a plan in place before you need it.




a hand holding a smart phone displaying an article about mobile responsive web design

Mobile Responsive Web Design




Beautiful, no matter which device brought you

Since over half of Internet traffic has moved to mobile devices, it's no longer optional to have mobile-friendly designs. Your design will be laid out keeping mobile, tablet, and desktop visitors in mind.

Your mockups will be designed to take advantage of responsive web design. That means they will be able to change size, orientation, and swap menus based on the device that your visitors use. 




Let's Grow Your Business

Are you ready to transform your website from a simple brochure to a lead generation engine? Contact us today and we'll set up a free, no-obligation website consultation. We'll help you identify how your website can be harnessed as the digital marketing platform that it should be.

"Since we started working with you, the website has more than paid for itself. You actually listened to us, and that's awesome!"

Angie Schelich - Marketing Director, ILoca Services, Inc.
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