Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization that
Maximizes the Performance of your Key Pages

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO is a key marketing tactic that helps improve your business. Essentially, CRO is analyzing how a key marketing funnel performs, identifying why it doesn’t and creating experiments and tests to see what would work better. By making changes to text, design, and layout we can smooth your visitors’ journey towards becoming customers.

At Xeno Media, we evaluate our clients’ current website and landing pages using research-backed audits. We pinpoint any friction in your customer’s journey and make impactful adjustments so your website works for your business, instead of against it. 



Enhanced Analytics

We collect and analyze data in order to present it to you with insights and context. We use it to make data-informed decisions and develop tactics to make your website make an impact on your business.

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Heat Mapping

With Heat Mapping we are able to see where your visitors have clicked, scrolled and interacted with your content. This helps us see where visitors have turned back from converting so we can make adjustments.

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Data Visualization

We can take the data being collected by a number of platforms and turn them into interactive visual reports that can give insights missed in simple tables. These can be used internally or externally to present information.


Experiments & Testing

Using collected data, we’ll experiment with a number of changes and adjustments to key pages. We test them as A/B multivariate combinations against a sample of your traffic and select the most effective one to use for your full audience.

Our Process

Collect Data

We analyze your key pages and those of your competitors to find points of friction - elements that are making it less likely that your visitors will convert to customers.


From the data we collected, we'll create multivariate experiments - changes to the page that we expect will improve the rate at which visitors become customers. A percentage of your traffic will see a variant, and we'll be closely tracking the results.


We'll pick the variant that had the greatest success, and then collect more data to start the process anew - until your page is performing at it's very best!

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