Strategy, Planning and Research

Our project management methodology has been developed to ensure the successful execution of large-scale, Web-based projects.

Xeno Media Project Management principles:

  • The more we know about your organization, the more valuable we can be. We want your project to be a strategic success, not just a tactical victory.
  • Web projects are collaborations between our staff and our clients. Clear communication from each side is crucial.
  • We strive to err on the site of over-communication.
  • We believe you should always have someone you can call about your project. Each project is assigned a primary project manager and a back-up project manager in the event of an absence.

1. Exploration and Discovery
During this phase, we learn about your organization, its larger strategies, how it fits into its marketplace and how the Web supports its goals. Tools and techniques:

  • Review of strategic documents (including organization and marketing plans when available)
  • Survey of current Web site
    • Content
    • Metrics
    • Functionality
    • Messaging
  • Survey of competitive or related Web sites
  • Survey of related technologies (office systems, other Web applications, etc.)
  • Interviews/focus groups with staff
  • Interviews/focus groups with stakeholders
  • Online surveys
  • Requirements gathering

2. Analysis and Planning
Based on the findings from the Analysis/Discovery phase, we formulate collaborative documents to serve as the basis for the project. This is an iterative process and will require approval by the client before design begins. Tools and techniques:

  • Project planning document, including:
    • Overall goals and strategies
    • Definition of success
    • Supporting tactics
    • Team structure
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Timeline with dependencies and deliverables
    • Design brief
    • Audience analysis
  • User types
  • Persona development
    • Overall technical requirements
    • Basic functional requirements
    • Draft information architecture
  • Web-based collaborative workspace
    • All team members have access
    • Notes and messages
    • File upload and versioning
    • Milestones
    • Email alerts

3. Design
During the design phase, the project begins to take shape in all areas. Tools and techniques:

  • Interface design
    • Presentation of multiple design concepts
    • Refinement based on client feedback
    • Sub-page designs based on approved concept
    • Style definitions and conventions
  • Information architecture and navigation schemes
    • Card sorting
    • Site maps
    • Interactive, click-through mapping
  • Functional components
    • Use cases
    • Wire frames
    • Sample screens and forms
    • Application relationships
    • Data requirements

4. Development
Based on the functional component design, Xeno Media formulates functional specifications and develops working applications for your review and collective testing. Tools and techniques:

  • SVN code versioning
  • Bug tracking
  • Data schema
  • Standard-format code documentation
  • Usability reviews

5. Testing
All components are tested for full functionality across all browsers defined in the Technical Requirements. Tools and techniques:

  • Testing matrix for all functional components
  • User testing vs. task matrix
  • Usability reviews
  • Browsercam for cross browser compatibility testing
  • W3C code and CSS validation
  • Various accessibility tests
  • Xenu link checker

6. Training
Client administrators and editors are fully trained to manage content and applications. Tools and techniques:

  • Online documentation
  • In-person training
  • Video tutorials

7. Launch
When the project is fully-tested and the client’s team is prepared to support the project, the project launches to the production server. Tools and techniques:

  • Pre-launch checklist
  • Post-launch retesting

8. Ongoing strategy and support
Xeno Media works with each client to ensure that a plan is in place for the project’s continued success. Tools and techniques:

  • Meetings/call
  • Regular analysis of statistics
  • Annual/quarterly plans

Strategy, Planning and Research

Xeno Media's project management methodology has been developed to ensure the successful execution of large-scale, Web-based projects.

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