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  • Xeno Media's Jim Birch presents at DrupalCamp Northern Lights 2017

    Northern Lights Drupal Camp will take place on the this weekend, February 24th - 26th, 2017 at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik. The event is being organized by the Icelandic Drupal community, and we are honored that our Strategist, Jim Birch was asked to speak at this inaugural event.

  • Xeno Causes: Greater Chicago Food Depository

    January 2017: Xeno Media's Christine Harder supports the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

  • Xeno Media launches a new responsive, Drupal 8 website for Science Olympiad

    The Science Olympiad website serves as the the communication center for their geographically dispersed organization. Schedules, rules and other supporting information are available for all. Xeno Media developed a new, responsive Drupal 8 website with a sophisticated custom knowledgebase for rule questions and proposed changes--with submissions sent off to content experts for review and submission.

  • Press Release: Xeno Media celebrates 20 years in web design and development

    In January 2017, Xeno Media celebrates our 20th year providing web design, development and consulting to clients around the world.

  • AMP it up?

    AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is an open standard for delivery of lightweight web content--particularly news and other text-based content--efficiently via mobile devices. It has a simplified coding set and Google-sponsored caching for fast delivery.

  • Top Thirteen Drupal Twig Helper Modules

    What you can do with Drupal core's Twig is pretty great, but the Drupal community always brings so much more to the table after real world use. Here is a big list of Twig helper modules to help build out your next Drupal theme!

  • Xeno Media's Jim Birch presents at Bay Area Drupal Camp 2016

    Our Digital Strategist, Jim Birch, will be presenting on Holistic SEO and Drupal at BADCamp X, the 10th annual Bay Area Drupal Camp being held between October 20th - 23rd at the University of California in Berkeley.

  • Drupal HTML Formatter Module

    Drupal HTML Formatter Module is a simple module that lets you add HTML tags to fields that are strings, timestamps, datetime, referenced and entities.  You can add any HTML/HTML5 tag, add classes, and you can also set if the content is linked to content which is almost always required on entity reference fields.

  • Xeno Media dedicated to Drupal, launches new Drupal 8 website

    Xeno Media, a leading web design and development firm headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace Illinois today announces the launch of its new Drupal 8, responsive website.

  • Posting to Slack, Publishing in Drupal

    Xeno Media is pleased to announce our latest Drupal 7 contrib module, Slack to Drupal.  This module imports pictures uploaded to Slack to Drupal 7 systems--thereby allowing a community of users to add content to a site while managing their daily business collaboration through the Slack app.

  • Xeno Media's Jim Birch presents at Open Camps at the United Nations

    Our Digital Strategist, Jim Birch, was selected to present at NYC camp, a Mission-Driven Drupal Conference.  NYC camp is part of Open Camps, collection of over 25 Mission-Driven Open Source Conferences & Events which has over 6000 Attendees.

  • Using Page Manager to Customize the User display in Drupal 8

    Being able to create a customized user display with Panels and WITHOUT Display Suite is easier than you think.  


Our spot for thoughts on design, technology, art, science, business or whatever we want. It’s our spot, after all.

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